Welcome to the story of my life.

I’m starting this blog for many reasons, but mainly just to document my progress as I move forward in all of my creative endeavors. I’ve always been interested in video, music, and writing, and I’ve only just recently commit myself to start making things. I just want to make more things, and improve all of the projects I’m working on. Right now I have projects that I’ve been working on for a little while, and a few projects that I’ve been planning for a little while. I feel like something that’s been holding me back from putting out content is that I’m a thinker. I think too much about what I want to make, rather than actually doing it. What I have been working on is a podcast called “2 HOURS LOST” with my closest friends, about anything and everything. In the spirit of teen angst, we ask ourselves hypothetical questions about life and try to answer them to the best of our ability. You can find out podcast here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMRDig6_eFTNvjnCOyvDTBw on YouTube.

Some projects that I’ve been planning include starting a vlog and putting out more music. This blog gets its name from my personal YouTube channel called “JustinThyme” where I sometimes post Lo-fi hip hop beats. The plan is to eventually make legit music, right now I’m listening to Tash Sultana. Chill indie rock vibes. Good shit. 

I’m also planning to expand my YouTube channel in a few ways. I want to make a weekly vlog, then once I move into my dorm in the fall, I want to make a one person video podcast type thing called “Tea Thyme” where I sit down and just talk about anything. And maybe some other videos here and there.

Other than that, my only concern is finding the time. I feel like at first it’ll be easy during the summer – I’ll have a summer job and a bit of money coming in, and plenty of time to share the stories.

Originally I wanted to live life, then tell the stories after the fact. But why limit myself to making content only toward the end of the experience when I can tell the stories as I live it? 


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