I have a podcast

If you’ve ever heard of podcasting, then you know that they usually follow an audio format, with nice music and even better interviews with people, talking about a generic subject and some of the specifics within it. 

2 Hours Lost, the show that I’m a part of, breaks all of those rules. We talk about whatever we want, like sex, or hitler, or why Emad (the self proclaimed ‘fan favorite’) isn’t actually the fan favorite at all, in fact, and the rest of the cast will agree with me, he’s quite the opposite. 

Our show revolves around the idea that we shouldn’t really take anything too seriously, and our most recent episode, called “fifty shades of fan favorite,” really shows that off. You can listen here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMRDig6_eFTNvjnCOyvDTBw 

The way it works is that we record and upload on a two week cycle, so every time we record the next episode, the one we recorded two weeks prior is uploaded. Does that make sense? We originally started on soundcloud, and just recently moved to YouTube. We’ve also adopted a video format. We are now those cringey youtubers, begging for subscribers and mad youtube money. 

That was a joke, but eventually, I would like to find a way to monetize it, because it is really fun to make and I think that definitely shows in the podcast.

I feel like we have a good flow only because we are all so different. We all know each other for the most part through our high school debate class, but we have a few outsiders. But the reason why I feel like we have a good flow is because there isn’t actually a set social group that we all come from. The fifty shades episode had me, Evan, Emad, Ernesto, and Brendan. That was our largest turn out yet. The next one is set to be bigger. More on our final episode before college later. But for right now, our group is made up of a musician, a stoner, a nerd, a gamer, and a soccer player. For the next episode we’ll also have another nerd and an actor with us.

The best part I like about making this show is that it brings people together. It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as we have a topic to talk about, we all have a good time. And that’s something that I’m gonna miss going to college.

I’m going to keep it alive, along with Matt, who will be in the next episode, when we go to college. I have a plan for auditions for the next cast members, but more on that another time. What I’m sad about is seeing the founding fathers of the show part ways, but at the same time, it’s really exciting to have new opportunities with new people that can take the show to even greater heights.

So thank you, to everyone who is helping me get this thing off the ground. Even thought we only have three subscribers, and I’m pretty sure they’re all cast members, I’m really thankful for making this show with all of you, it’s so much fun and it won’t be the same without you.


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