Preseason Thoughts

I’ve decided that I’m making this summer the best summer of my life. I am starting from absolute zero – I don’t have a steady income, or any income for that matter, I don’t have a following on any social platform, and I haven’t started taking the steps to make a name for myself.

Until now.

Up until today, I’ve been investing in myself, honing my skills of Netflix and chill, mastering the art of procrastination. I do have some skills that I’m trying to leverage for money. I can edit video, audio, and produce music. I’d say that’s a pretty creative skill set, but the question remains: how do I monetize those skills. My plan is simple. Then again they always are.

Long term I plan to monetize this blog, if enough people enjoy reading the story of my life, then maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to make a profit off of it. I think it was in one of my earlier blog posts that I told you that I am really big on content creator’s transparency – I hate it when people are completely different people on and off screen. My biggest goal from creating this blog is to monetize it, and until then, I have phase one of my master plan in the works.

Phase One:

There’s a website called “Fiverr,” where you can offer digital services for a minimum of $5. After finishing the edit of my first Youtube video (more on that in one second) I will be creating my Fiverr gigs, as they’re called. I’m going to offer three services: Video editing, Audio Editing, and Voice Overs. If you’re reading this and are in dire need of any of these services, hit me up, we can talk business. (He said to his nonexistent audience.)

Phase Two:

All of these steps build on one another. At this stage, I will still be heavily involved in Fiverr and trying to find work there, but also I will be investing in Instagram. Here’s what I mean. It turns out that there is a large community of new generation podcasters, and a lot of them advertise on Instagram. My plan is to DM them, offering my services as an audio editor, so I can edit their audio in exchange for a small fee. Does $1 per every minute edited sound reasonable? I would pay for that. The only problem would be establishing my street cred. Right now, I have none.

I have 600 followers on instagram, either ghost followers or friends, none of whom are connected to podcasting in any way, save for the few that are part of the show with me. But other than that, I don’t know how I can actually sell myself to these people. I can have them listen to the show, but I don’t include any music in the audio parts. That’s a big thing in podcasts, having a song play in the beginning, during transitions, and at the end of the show. I’ll have to craft a super smooth DM that will be able to sell well. Wish me luck.

Phase Three:

This is the end goal phase. At this time, I’ll be working as a successful video/audio editor and voice over artist with a huge clientele, and I’ll have money rolling in nonstop. This is when the fun comes in. By this time, I would have liked to have been able to grow my Youtube audience to the point to where I can sustain myself off of the ad revenue attached to my videos. I know it sounds unrealistic, but when we look to Youtubers who are able to live off of their ad revenue as their sole source of income, we see that they all have a few things in common: They all upload consistently, all of their videos are unique, and all of their videos tell good stories. The consistent part is the only part I’m worried about.

I am in no way trying to boost my ego, but I feel as though I have what it takes if I commit myself to making quality content, day after day after day. That’s why I’m starting now, devoting a large portion of my time to creating these videos, so that in the long run, it’ll pay off.

When I win, I feel like it will in large part be due to the fact that I think in macro by thinking in micro. I feel like I’ve identified the steps I need to take in order to ensure my success. But then again, that’s what everyone says. Anyone can preach their goals, but not everyone has the patience to execute their plan to the best of their ability. Historically I’m a procrastinator, but now that I’m 18 and going to college, I know that it’s my time to step up to the plate and prove myself to the world that I am not only a survivor, but a winner. The drive is definitely there. I just need to practice the hustle.

That’s why I’m going to win within the next 6 months.


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