Today I Graduated High School.

Today I graduated high school. I don’t think it’s actually set in, but I think I’m getting pretty close. It’ll probably hit me sometime this week. It was so strange, everyone around me, wearing the same wizard robes as I was. I saw lots of familiar faces, some new ones, but all of whom I probably won’t ever see again. Of course, there will be a few who follow me to college, but for the most part, I’m leaving everyone behind. But the entire graduation ceremony was so strange to me.

I’m the kind of person who dreams big, and historically doesn’t act in ways to achieve those dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made plenty of changes, including the decision to make this blog and post everyday, to guarantee my success in the future. But always thinking in macro, and about the future, I realized that the entire process doesn’t really mean anything. Sure, we have about one second of glory, and a few minutes for the few who were able to speak before we began, but other than that, after your name is called, high school forgets who you are.

Everyone will go on, life will go on. The next freshman class will come in during the fall, the now juniors will become seniors, and the process repeats. And sure, there are the popular kids who enjoy their time in high school more than anybody, on top of the social ladder, sitting like kings and queens for a good chunk of their high school career.

Not that I’m speaking from experience, I haven’t moved out of the house yet – that’s a later problem ha ha, but after high school, you ain’t shit. The big red reset button is pressed, probably and hopefully for the last time, and the world doesn’t care whether or not you were the captain of your lacrosse team, or how many community service hours you put into helping the homeless. Everyone is equal again. Everyone has a chance to rise to the top, this time, in the game of life.

And I’m not saying this out of spite for that crowd, I’m just reporting an observation I’ve noticed – to an extent. Graduating high school is just another step in the process.

So here’s to whatever the future holds, because I’m excited. Goodbye class of 2017. I won’t miss most of you.


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