I hate how people online are fake and they don’t actually share their lives, just the highlights, which is why I’m going to be completely transparent and tell you that I’m starting this blog for two reasons: to keep records of some of my thoughts as an 18 year old incoming college freshman, and to make money – long term of course 😉

The intent is for this blog to chronicle all of my creative endeavors and share them with the world. Some of the projects I’m working on right now are:

  1. A video podcast called “2 HOURS LOST” with my friends.
  2. An EP called “This Is What Dying Feels Like”
  3. Preparing to make a vlog on my new youtube channel called “JustinThyme” (where this blog gets its name)
  4. And this blog. To follow my journey.

Also. I’m planning on writing the majority of my posts from my phone. I’m currently writing this at 11:27 PM on a Saturday night. May 6th to be exact. 

So stick around. Or don’t. Its up to you.